We know education

Keeping your kids interested in learning can sometimes be a challenge, even for skilled teachers. That’s why we developed engaging and personalized lessons. We did this by personalizing the ESL lessons with a cartoon avatar of your child. This way, they will be the star of the show.

Most efficient and effective learning comes when the teachers know their students well. Many organizations around the world are adopting a highly interactive approach, which we use to help your child succeed. We also highly encourage you to keep the same teacher from class to class, which is an optional feature of our program.

Our company is led by the founder and president of an established American International School in the Philippines. The school has been 10 years in operation on early childhood education. To ensure high quality and international standards, the American Embassy recognized the school by their standards of education.

Established American School in the Philippines

10 Years Operation Early Childhood Development

Recognized by the American Embassy

Our Learning Platform

Our platform is for young English Language learners, ages 4 to 12 years old. We designed our classroom for one-on-one and group sessions. The classes are custom-tailored and have age appropriate curriculum for each student.


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